Jerzee’s Grille

Project Description

The entire project for Jerzee’s Grille’s online presence was based around the idea of making you feel like you’re there even if you’re just on their website. We had one of our professional photographers take actual photos of elements inside the establishment to then use to aid in the actual design of the desktop and mobile website. These are not stock images or random Google Images that were scrounged up, they are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Aside from that, we provided a lot of great unique programming that to the user seems simple and easy to use, but took us quite some time to work out. In other words there is more than meets the eye at first glance using the website. Some of these features are the way it remembers which location you have selected as you navigate through the pages and displays you the unique menu, specials, or events of that particular location as well as a user membership area where you can get coupons and other great members only features.