What is responsive web design?

Device-Mockup-DemacMedia-HomepageWeb Design has changed a lot since the beginning of the Internet. It is no longer recommended or simply good enough to just have a website. Sure, it’s still important to have a website that works on a computer, but when we’re talking responsive web design it takes it to another level. The difference between a regular website and a responsive website is that a regular website will work on any computer, but mobile users will have to pinch zoom. You may not think it’s a big deal, but search engines are beginning to penalize your ranking when your website doesn’t fit appropriately across all devices. A responsive design is smart and it recognizes how many pixels are available to each particular device and reorganizes your content to always fit without the need for pinch zoom.

This is an especially handy feature to provide your visitors. You don’t want to force people to have to be at a desk looking at a computer in order to find your website, company, and services do you? Google and other search engines will boost you in the results if you provide a mobile website that is easily viewable by an audience that is on-the-go using their smartphones to find the services they are in need of. For example, if you just got off a plane in a city you do not live in you need a rental car then chances are you’re going to look for one quickly with your phone. Otherwise, you’d have to phone a friend and use their computer, setup your laptop somewhere with Wi-Fi, find an Internet cafe, visit a library, or some other less than ideal scenario. This just isn’t how the world works anymore.

What can we do for you?

Because this is becoming the new standard of web development, we are only offering web design with responsive capabilities built-in. This saves everyone time and instantly boosts your visibility on the web. So, if you’re just starting your company’s Internet presence and branding we will give you a desktop and mobile website right from the get-go giving you an amazing head start against your competition. But, what if you already have a website and you don’t think it needs a face-lift or it simply isn’t in your budget? Well, that’s fine too! We can take your existing website and upgrade it to be responsive without changing any of the graphics or much of the source code of your website. We would simply add a file containing the responsive rules that your website would see and apply when it notices it’s being viewed on a mobile website.

Do you really want to bother yourself thinking about all the different devices and screen sizes that are out there? What we’ve discovered is that the best way to code for all these devices is to actually own and test on them. Who has the time and/or desire for all that? We’ve already purchased what is necessary to code and test across all these devices and have become extremely proficient at it. Let us take out all the guess work for you.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in?

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