What is WordPress?

wordpress-programmingMost people have heard of WordPress and recognize it as leading software to publish websites onto the Internet. Why is that and what is this WordPress software? WordPress is what you call a Content Management System (CMS). It houses data in a simple and organized way that can quickly and efficiently be added to, updated, and then displayed to your visitors without the hassle of having to create the entire system from the ground up every time you want to publish another page, blog, or website.

People around the world have started to recognize that using WordPress is extremely efficient and thus it has become somewhat of a revolution and built a community and following. It’s software that is being actively worked up, updated, and developed by people everywhere. It would be nearly impossible to create software as robust from scratch when you think about the vast amount of combined hours people are constantly putting into this amazing system. I like to consider using WordPress to be going “with the grain” of the Internet, instead of against it. Even Matt Cutts from Google uses WordPress to power his own website. Google highly recommends the use of WordPress for various reasons.

Why do you need WordPress programming and what will you be able to do with WordPress?

You can pick from the vast amount of templates on the Internet (some are free some are not) and modify them to match your company’s brand and color scheme. You will also be able to login to a secure administration area where you can modify the content or any page or add new pages to your site. One of the newer features WordPress has added due to popular demand is the ability to drag and drop your main navigation menu. We love being able to offer that to our clients, it really excites them when they feel more in control of their website. There is an area where you can actually manage the source code of your website, but we don’t really recommend that unless you really know what you’re doing. We’re guessing you haven’t spent a lot of time messing with source code or you wouldn’t be on our website considering our services.

You can think of WordPress as the swiss army knife of all Content Management Systems. Let’s say to start you just need a basic website and a contact form. Now, later you discover you would like to sell goods on-line? Well, no problem! You just let us know and we can upgrade your site to now have a full featured and functional on-line store where you can add products and customers can check out using their credit cards. Now let’s say your brand and company is growing even bigger and you are noticing that people are becoming active with your brand and you’d like to provide an outlet for them to express themselves on your website? Again, no problem we can add forums and even a social media area that functions nearly the same as Twitter or Facebook, but all with your brand! All of this is able to be managed by you within the same back-end you’ve already begun to familiarize yourself with. This is just one scenario. You would be surprised what all we can do to transform your website as your business grows.

What are the pros and cons of WordPress vs other CMS software?

Pros of using WordPress:

The learning curve to use WordPress is very minimal. Playing with it for an hour or two will make you a master. You can drag and drop to upload pictures into your content, then drag and drop it where you’d like it to display. There are a mind boggling amount of what are called “Plug-Ins” developed by people around the world to help increase the functionality of your website and bring in brand new features. We are very familiar with many of the greatest Plug-Ins and are actively pursuing new ones just to stay on the bleeding edge.

Because this software is so widely used, it is easy to find help and support around the Internet for any question you could ever come up with. WordPress has some of the best and highest security possible. You will still want to make sure you use strong and unique passwords, but there is slim to no chance someone will be able to hack your password as long as you use common sense when choosing a good password. The software keeps itself up-to-date so there’s no headache of down time due to upgrades with the software itself. It’s also very easy to migrate from server to server should you need to change hosting. And last but not least, it’s fast and efficient! Due to it’s extreme efficiency it makes it incredibly easy to rank highly on search engines. Yes, search engines rank websites for their speed and functionality and this will effect your ranking.

We have seen first hand that websites powered by WordPress vs other Content Management Systems tend to rank higher and faster.

Cons of using WordPress:

There really aren’t many cons to using WordPress. First, we cannot recommend that ANY other Content Management System currently available on-line could even compare to WordPress. The WordPress community is really doing a fantastic job with the software and it only continues to get better. The only thing I can think that could maybe be considered a Con is when comparing it to custom developed Content Management Systems that are uniquely designed for a particular usage. But here at The Ohio Web we are very clever and creative individuals that thrive on a “where there’s a will there’s a way” attitude so we will find a way. If it can’t be done with WordPress we will come up with a solution. That’s what we do!

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