What is SEO & why do I need it?

What is SEO?

what-is-seoSEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is exactly what it sounds like it is. It’s when you take your website and optimize it to play well with the search engines so you can increase your rank within the results. Typically, most people have a topic of niche they are targeting and this then creates keywords and phrases they want to use within their website to help them rank higher for whatever it is their website is pertaining to. Search Engines have a certain way of reading code and if you understand what they’re looking for, you can feed them the exact info they are targeting when they spider your website.

What do you mean by “spider your website?”

spider-your-websiteThat’s a term people use to refer to when a search engine “crawls” your pages. Their are lots of fun words associated with these spiders. Here’s how it works: The spiders crawl your pages with bots. Apparently they are crawling spider bots. When you’re running any marketing plan you need to use tracking software so you can monitor your traffic, keywords, and ranking. By doing this, you will literally see bots and spiders crawling your pages. If your website isn’t getting crawled by spider bots, you’re doing something wrong and you desperately need to contact us!

Why do I need Search Engine Optimization?

I’m going to use an analogy because I love analogies. Let’s say you spent half a year restoring a beautiful classic car in your garage. Now that it’s finished and you’re ready for the world to see it, you don’t leave it hidden in the garage do you? No, you get it out on the open road! You want to show it off. But, before you can do that you have to get the vehicle legal and ready to go. Similarly, you do the same thing with a website. You prepare it behind the scenes getting everything perfect. Then when you’re ready for the world to see it, you tweak the source code to match up with what Search Engines want to see so you can start ranking and get it out into the search results for your targeted keywords.

So, in short, the reason you need Search Engine Optimization is so that your hard work or the hard earned money you spent getting your website developed actually gets seen and used! There are some immediate benefits to getting traffic to your site. You will find out what people do and don’t like about your site right away and this helps you fine tune areas that need improvement or even sometimes areas that are completely useless and need cut off. You have to start somewhere right? Let us help you get your website seen by the world!


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